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Nylon Slings - EE2901N06T3

by Ben-Mor
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MPN: EE2901N06T3

  • Used in conjunction with overhead cranes, hoists or winches
  • Nylon slings are available in single or double ply to protect heavy, irregular sized loads from scratching or marring
  • Slings must be checked frequently
  • Should any surface area show signs of wear or cutting, the sling must be replaced immediately
  • Each is tagged with manufacturer's name and capacity
  • Double Eye Sling Type 3: Commonly used as a basket and/or choker hitch or for choker hitch pass one eye through the other flat eye, also makes for easy withdrawal from beneath loads 


Single Ply/Double Ply
Sling Type
Type 3
Vertical Load Limit
3100 lbs.
Choker Load Limit
2400 lbs.
Basket 90° Load Limit
6200 lbs.
Sling Design
Double Eye

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